What is Domain name

The registrar is the first place you go when setting up a new domain name, hence it is one of the most important pieces of information involved in the process. Not only do you purchase the actual domain name at a registrar such as Freenom, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, enom, etc., but that registrar also controls the first and most critical part of your domain’s DNS: The authoritative nameservers. For any Domains purchased via Neoistone, Domain details are sent for you to control, but it is defaulted to point to our nameservers initially. For any assistance or questions you can contact Hostingaro Support.

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Do I get full ownership of the domain?

Yes. You will be given complete control and access through our Domain Manager.

Can I only buy domain from Neoistone?

Yes you can buy a domain from us. Once you have register for the domain only, you will receive...